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We would like to characterize our culture and work attitude with the following terms:

  • Betrokkenheid (involvement)
  • Respect (respect)
  • Afspraak is afspraak (an agreement is an agreement)
  • Verantwoordelijk (taking responsibility)
  • Openheid (openness)

“We have the expertise, vision, technology and creativity to reach effective and durable solutions in wastewater technology, together with our clients.”

Arveon Ltd. was founded in 1977 in Arnhem, the Netherlands. From that moment on we have been prominently present in the domain of water technology. Since day one, we posses extensive technical knowledge as a trading company. Because of this, we rise quickly in the first few years within the sewage sector with our pumping stations. Non-return valves quickly form a second product group within Arveon. We even develop our own spring packs.

Consultancy bureaus, regional water authorities and municipalities are quickly convinced by the quality and knowledge within Arveon. The number of sales in the Netherlands quickly increases. It does not take long until we start to deliver outside of the Netherlands. Over the years, Arveon’s capacity grows. Its focus stays on trading and engineering. Production and service are mostly outsourced during these years.

In the nineties, a shift in the market is noticeable; from metal pump systems to systems made of the chemical and corrosion resistant High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) plastic. Until 2001, these pump systems are made in Germany. In this period we discover a plastic equipment builder by accident, in our own ‘backyard’, in ‘s-Heerenberg: Altop Kunststoftechniek Ltd. Altop Kunststoftechniek is specialized in custom solutions, produced in different kinds of plastic. Immediately, we see keystones, we discover similarities and it turns out we are working with partially the same customers. Before long, Altop starts producing plastic pumping stations for Arveon. In 2007, Altop Group decides to take over Arveon.

From that year on, Arveon is a full sister of Altop Kunststoftechniek and Altop International. This last branch of Altop possesses a Euroclima dealership, through which installation companies are provided with air handling units. The three sister companies are centralized in one office building with a shared production hall. The overlap in customers within the Group is big, but the contacts and commercial focus differ. Because of this, it is decided in 2012 to give every company its own location and identity. An adjacent office building on business park Immerhorst is vacated. Alveon and Altop International take up residence in this building. At the back of the buildings, the production halls are connected, which ensures that production and logistic flows are still possible for the entire group.